Your Wine guide for this Summer

17 juillet 2015

Summer is on.

Your heart is ready to beat. Your skin is ready to burn. Your throat is ready to get wet.

Before taking off, make a list of the “must have for this summer”. DO NOT bring unnecessary items. Summer is about being comfortable.

Summer is also about “not thinking too much”. Hence, let me give you a hand and make a pre-list of what you should be drinking then; to perfectly match your mood and your program.


So, what kind of “Summerer” are you??


If…. summer is about farniente at the beach in Saint Tropez, Mykonos or Ibiza…

Your day starts with a tasty aspirin, or a cold beer (we know it can help to get our brain back on hangover days).

Your morning is going to be tough: what will you be wearing on Super paradise beach today? Your Hipanema suit has been spotted at least twice yesterday… what a shame.

The good news is: holidays are only starting, and more parties to come !!

Well, at least, if there is more drinking, try to drink WELL.

Sea, sex and sun rhymes very well with Rosé and Bubbles. Well, maybe not on the paper, but in real life, it does.

Rosé wines have become more and more fashionable during the past decade, even though they sometimes remain associated with cheap and nasty wines. Which is unfair !! (as mentionned in the past: here). You have some very premium Rosés nowadays that combine freshness, easy drinking-ness and great taste. Besides, some of them are not only meant to be drunk with ice cubes, but are also ideal with food, especially if you enjoy local sea delicacies.

At last but not least, with all the marketing efforts done, the packaging are today really beautiful and you won’t be ashamed to show off your bottle of rosé, next to your Ruinart-drinking neighbor. I promise.

Check out the Cuvée L’Excellence from Chateau Saint-Maur. This “grand cru classé” from Saint Tropez combines a sexy packaging, a great concentration, some freshness and vibrant fruits. Which makes it just perfect with your Tuna ceviche!


the excellent Chateau Saint-Maur

When the party starts, move to bubbles. Obviously, any famous champagne brands could do the trick. But don’t be too snob and try out this Prosecco from Bottega. It’s stylish, light and slightly sweeter than Brut champagne. Really easy to drink. Not to mention the Golden bottle …

Prosecco Bottega - Il vino dei poeti

Prosecco Bottega – Il vino dei poeti


Brut and Extra Brut champagnes all night long may end up giving you a nasty breath, especially if you didn’t eat much. And you don’t want this to happen. Right?


If… summer is about mother nature, camping and adventure….

Your bagpack is ready, you are quite proud of your new trekking shoes. But they didn’t leave you much space left for anything but an old short and an Arena bathing suit. Not to worry, your friends will wear the same.

Well, at least, make sure before you leave, to spot the good places to buy some wine, as I bet you will need it after your 5 hours daily walk.

Another easy way to do it is to have a lazy friend following you in a car. This guy can take care of the menu and carry the bottles, right?

You are having the time of your life, connecting with nature, going back to your roots. The earth is beautiful, the stream is fresh, the effort is tough but you want it to be this way. You are in communion with nature, and it feels good after a crazy year of work.

You deserve a treat. And you’re not ready to give up on that one: a good bottle of wine with tonight’s barbecue.

Why don’t you try this range of Organic Vin de pays wines from Aveyron?


the wines from Domaine Pleyjean

Easy to drink, natural, great with simple food, tasty… vinified by a Lady (yes, it feels good) and coming from a tiny plot of land in the south of France. They will be just perfect.

The rosé can be drunk on its own… all day long. The red wine will be a blast with your BBQ meat.

Did you catch a trout in the river? Go for the vibrant white then.

And don’t forget to give a big hug to your lazy friend for carrying all this.

If you don’t have that kind of friend, I have a trick. But can’t promise that it will make your day brighter.

Try this…..?

or not..?


If… your summer is about dating women or men in romantic places…

No need to go into further details.

Try out this wine from Sicilia: Plumbago, Nero d’Avola from Planeta. She / he will fall for you.


Plumbago… better than a candy

Don’t thank me too fast and listen first:

1/ It comes from Sicilia. It’s chic and cool

2/ The colour is intense. The nose is a blend of plum, blackberry with scents of chocolate. The tanins are soft and round. The overall remains very fresh.

3/ it matches perfectly Mediterranean cuisine.

4/ While the aromas are subtle and fresh, the alcohol is surprisingly high: 13.5%.

Have another bottle, it can help.


If …. Your summer is at the beach, with mother nature, or any other places… but if you are pregnant…

You’ll just have to be a bit more patient and enjoy the local water.

Ogeu, mineral water from Pyrenees

Ogeu, mineral water from Pyrenees


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