Wine & People I : “Seeing the world through Robert Joseph’s glasses”

22 mars 2016

Robert J.

Robert Joseph, the wine thinker, is so clever that I was wondering if that was somehow linked to his glasses.

Seriously, are you not wondering why he has chosen this very unusual shape of glasses: a bit too long, a bit too high … ? there must be something we don’t know about it.

Some kind of super sharp power.

Journalist, writer, cofounder of the International Wine challenge, consultant, speaker, winemaker… it’s not that easy being Robert Joseph.

Robert likes to go against the wind, without cynicism.

He does not provoke. He is.

He does not think he knows everything. He has the genius of asking the right questions.

And asking questions doesn’t make you an ignorant. That might actually be the opposite.

Why can’t marketing and good wine match together?

Why can’t we produce non-vintage Bordeaux sup’ rather than failing to sell the difficult years, like 2013 for instance?

Do ‘natural’ wines make all the others un-natural?

Questions that shake the world of trendy wine people, the elite of journalists and bloggers who believe they understand the consumers better than anyone. They actually are snubbing a fair part of the consumers: those who are not connoisseurs or “initiés”.

And believe me, they account for more than 90% of the wine drinkers.

Drinking entry level Jacob’s creek or Baron de Lestac happens to a lot of people, if you look at the figures. Are those people “non-wine” drinkers? Shall we blame them and make fun of what they drink?

I don’t drink those wines myself, because I was lucky enough to get a chance to taste, discover and understand the diversity Wine can offer, and I can get bored fast.

But does that make me a better consumer? Or just a bit more posh?

That’s what makes Robert Joseph unique. He has an interest in any consumer and any wine producer. From Chateau Lafite to Mouton Cadet.

And believe me; he is having a lot of fun trying to decrypt consumers’ behavior and all wine marketing technics used around the globe. From Old to New World.

It feels good to deal with people who give a chance to anyone, even to Moldovian wines. Why not?

So, I decided to get the same glasses.

True that I felt suddenly very clever: unsurprisingly, I was still SO posh.

2016-03-22 13.56.48


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