Peace, Love & Wine

18 novembre 2015

Wine, how on earth is it possible that, some people despise you and actually think you are evil?

What is so wrong with you that you’ve become a « non grata persona »?

Don’t feel bad Wine, you are not guilty. And let me tell you something.

I love you Wine.

I love the warm feeling I get when you slowly flow along my throat.

I love when I am nicely surprised by your fruits and your length.

I love when the bottle is not empty and I know I have some more time to discover you.

I love when the third glass of you starts to make my lips look reddish and my eyes look funny.

I love you even when you are not the best one, as any wine should have a chance to be drunk, and nobody is perfect.

I love you with food or on your own. When you are light, and when you are strong. When you are white, when you are black, when you are pink. Even when you have gaz.

I love you because you bring people together, whoever they are: younger or older ones, black, red, yellow or green, gays and straight, whoever is alive.

Thank you Wine to bring warmth into my heart. Please forgive those people who hate you so much.

Don’t take it personally, I think you are just a bad alibi.


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