How Pinot made my day

Wine should not only be paired with food. It should also be paired with mood. We’ve all had THAT day. That day where everything goes wrong. Waking up late because you still don’t understand how to set the alarm on your new Samsung that...
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Kampot pepper: The Champagne of Cambodia

– Delimited production area – Very long history – Worldwide reputation – Special production techniques – Unique soil – “Pricey” – Looked after by all the best Chefs around the world…. Wow… Cambodia does have its Champagne too!   But...
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Rosé manifesto

I think the world is unfair to Rosé. The first synonymous coming to people’s mind often are “cheap, headache, tasteless” or associated with “the last massive hangover” or again “the wine I will never drink again”. Of course, you may possibly find some that...
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Why women need wine

– it looks better than drinking a whisky coke – from white to rosé to red to white, we can always get what we like, and we like to have options – it’s the best after work medicine ever – it’s...
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Bottoms up culture

“Gan bei! Gan Bei!” was one of the first Chinese words I learnt when I arrived in Asia 8 years ago. “Gan bei” meaning “bottoms up”, in other words “you’d-better-empty-that-glass-quickly-my-friend-or-we-won’t-respect-you-anymore” Well, I guess, you just need to know about that habit and live...
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My nose is better than yours

Can you smell that hint of coffee, leather, blueberry, liquorice inside that glass? …. yes madam … (silence) … but … what is blueberry and liquorice? »   It is hard to get a No as an answer in Cambodia and in Asia in...
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Comte de Champagne VS Noodle Soup

“What is your job Bong-srey?” asked Seyha, my little tuk tuk driver friend. “I sell wine Seyha”. Skeptical look. Then smile. Then laugh. That famous Cambodian laugh, so hard to interpret. A major part of the Khmers has never drunk wine before. Whereas another...
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I’m French, and I don’t drink (only) Bordeaux

  In Cambodia, a foreigner, no matter where he’s from, is called a « Barang », which in Khmer means a “French”. Vietnamese use the word “Bordeaux” for wine, in general. Due to the French heritage, a lot of associations of this kind are done in the...
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Wine is for snobs?

That’s what you think until you become a snob yourself. In Asia, wine sits halfway between green tea and a Porsche Cayenne. It is seen as natural and good for health, but you have to buy the most expensive. And not only because...
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