I eat, therefore, I am

All humans were born equals (supposedly…)   At least we can say that they were born with the same senses: hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch.   However, “This is good”or This is pretty” is NOT true from one individual to another....
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My first Wine night stand …

Do you believe in love at first sip? I’m usually not that easy. I prefer to take my time and get to know the bottle I am dealing with. As if, by knowing the story behind, it would help me savoring the subtlety...
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Tonight, you bring wine for dinner?

Picking a bottle of wine should be a good moment. But it can be a nightmare for some people. True, when you have hundreds of options, how can you make up your mind?  Let’s try finding a way to make it a comfortable...
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Have a glass, help the planet !

It’s really funny. If you type “what is wine” on google, you find plenty of answers mentioning that “wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grape or any other fruits or herbs” Any other fruits or herbs… really?   I remember that, when...
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Wine is no longer my cup of Tea

I’ve always told myself: you won’t be a real grown-up until you plan an afternoon “high-tea” with your girlfriends. True that, in my mind, the only way to gather for a chat, was around « a » bottle(s) of wine, a Friday night. You...
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I want to be the Christmas bitch

… the kind of bitch who will create the “WOW” effect when arriving (late) for dinner with this bottle of wine:   Clos du Chateau de Bligny Cuvée 6 cépages « oh really, am i late? (no apologies – obviously) Listen to this first:...
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How Feng Shui is your Terroir?

A « terroir » is a combination of various elements that will make a wine unique. Those elements are a mix of natural factors (climate, soil, hydrology, etc.) and human decisions. If your Pouilly Fumé tastes so good and so smoky, check the soil mate,...
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You F**K my Wine??

I like to be adventurous with wine. Hence, it often happens that I ask the sommelier to pick the wine himself, hoping for a nice discovery. Well, unfortunately the surprise is not always good. Especially when the sommelier that you...
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tarentule claire

Wine & Bug Pairing

No matter how weird you find it: YES, it is trendy to eat bugs.   Not only because of the great benefits you can get from them (full of proteins and vitamins, low calories), but some also say that insects are the last...
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Bourboulenc, who are you?

 Bourboulenc, you sound weird. Like an old French dish my grandma used to cook. I can picture you as a heavy hotpot with a lot of gravy, that fills your stomach but that is not so refined and tasty. Well that is...
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