Eastern snobs vs western extremists

8 octobre 2015

I used to think I knew something about wine.

That was WHEN I was living in Asia.

Being French and working in the wine industry, not often did I meet people who would argue too much and interrupt my wine talks. I felt SO important then.

What really mattered in Asia was : which grapes are inside that bottle, is it good, what food does it go well with and, of course, how much does it cost. The more expensive, the better.

Well, it’s not entirely true for everyone – obviously. But nobody living there can deny that fact.

Walking in a wine shop in Brussels the other day, I had a very short talk with the sale person. When I asked him about a nice looking bottle of wine, wondering who was the winemaker, he looked at me straight in the eyes and told me: “you don’t know him??  Like, for real?? It’s like, you don’t know chateau Lafitte or Chateau Mouton Rothschild”.

I could not even tell him he was an arrogant frog. The guy was Belgian. And Belgian people are way cooler than us, that’s a fact.

With a lot of shame, I left the wine shop feeling like a stupid little piece of snot the bus driver would have stuck below the steering wheel of his bus.

I forgot I was back in Europe I guess.

Does this mother f$#ker know how to say “hello” in khmer, sing in KTV clubs, and “gambei” cognac faster than me???

And being an expert is a very subjective thing.





eastern snobs vs

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