Zweigelt is all I need.

“This smells like Bordeaux. Right bank.  Cotes de Bourg or around. The aromas are SO characteristic from there” “No, I think this comes from Rhône, can’t you smell this hint of spice at the end? So Syrah-style” Well sorry guys....
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Wine & People I : “Seeing the world through Robert Joseph’s glasses”

Robert Joseph, the wine thinker, is so clever that I was wondering if that was somehow linked to his glasses. Seriously, are you not wondering why he has chosen this very unusual shape of glasses: a bit too long, a...
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Peace, Love & Wine

Wine, how on earth is it possible that, some people despise you and actually think you are evil? What is so wrong with you that you’ve become a « non grata persona »? Don’t feel bad Wine, you are not guilty. And...
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eastern snobs vs

Eastern snobs vs western extremists

I used to think I knew something about wine. That was WHEN I was living in Asia. Being French and working in the wine industry, not often did I meet people who would argue too much and interrupt my wine...
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Your Wine guide for this Summer

Summer is on. Your heart is ready to beat. Your skin is ready to burn. Your throat is ready to get wet. Before taking off, make a list of the “must have for this summer”. DO NOT bring unnecessary items....
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from hardcore to finesse 2

From Hardcore to Finesse

Not only in Cambodia. Anywhere in Asia: Whisky and Cognac have been the official drink – for Ages. Check out the wedding tables, the karaoke bars, the night clubs, etc… Red label and VSOP all over the tables. “Ganbei!” “Ganbei!”...
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my ultra bionic nose

My ultra bionic nose

“This wine is corked” “How do you know? You didn’t even sniff it yet!” “I can tell you from here” (I’m sitting on the opposite side of the room) “WTF???” “Well… I might be pregnant…”   Wine, wine, wine…. While...
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Wine & Lipstick

The date is going well. The guy is awesome and – gosh – you like him. The food is perfect. The wine is exquisite… an old vintage from Bordeaux, or from Tuscany maybe… I bet you will remember it. Quick...
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A.O.C : Aint’no Other Choice ?

We often divide the world of wine into two categories: the Old world and the New world. Roughly, Old world being Europe and New world referring to Australia, New-Zealand, USA, South Africa and South-America. The main difference between both worlds (besides the...
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Yes, I am arrogant. So what?

France has a lot to offer. I used to show off pretending that I was “International” and not “only French”. I strongly believe that French are sometimes to self-focus especially when it comes to wine. The world has so much to offer that I...
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